Archetypes is a cycle of short works for alto flute in which recordings of physical spaces are transcribed to replicate their inherent musical attributes. The rhythms, harmonies, and gestures of the complex soundscapes are emulated in these aural snapshots by this single instrument. Like memories evoked by photographs, the elements extracted from this process cannot fully capture the essence of the original. The work was commissioned by and is dedicated to Conor Nelson.

Solo alto flute with optional photographs.

Field recordings for various movements:
I. Near wind chimes
II. Gate
III. pressed against a window
IV. Lake
V. Biking on a boardwalk
VI. recycled infinitely without losing purity
VII. Within a crowd

Photo credit: Lake by Allison Kasprzyk. All others by C.R. Kasprzyk.

This work is available on Nataraja [New Focus Recordings]