07.13.10b by crkasprzyk

07.13.10 revolves around a recording of the typically inaudible: sources of power for the mundane portions of our lives. These sounds, primarily the electromagnetic fields produced by computers, printers, TV’s, cars, electricity poles, coffee makers, etc., acknowledge the (in)visible place technology has in today’s society. Through close observation of this environment, the music strives for a nonlinear form; an immersion of moments found in daily life that might otherwise go unnoticed. The title is nothing more than a time stamp, referring to when the majority of the incorporated sounds were collected. 07.13.10 was commissioned by the Mana Duo (Dannel Espinoza/Kristina Finch).

07.13.10a for baritone saxophone, harp, and electromagnetic fields
07.13.10b for electromagnetic fields
07.13.10c for electromagnetic fields (various versions of shorter duration)
All versions are available with two or four channel electronics